Single Page Site – Corporate

What is this?

This is a single page site based on the corporate demo & can be modified in Elementor.


Where do I edit this page?

Dashboard > Pages > Corporate (Single Page Site)

Notes about this page

  1. This entire page is contained within this single page, including the header & footer.
  2. The navigation menu is linked to specific page sections via the menu item ‘Title Attribute’ & a page ‘CSS ID’, as shown below

a. From Appearance > Menus, the image below shows the ‘About us‘ navigation option, with a Title Attribute named ‘about

b. Now while editing a home page with the about section selected in Elementor & clicking the Advanced tab, you can see the matching CSS ID. With these 2 elements now matched, when you click on the ‘About us‘ link in the navigation menu, the page smoothly scrolls to this section. This is already setup for you, but it’s useful to know how this works, should you need to modify it.

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