Newsletter Form

What is this?

This is the form that allows visitors to signup to your newsletter, which can be hosted by providers such as Mailchimp. This form is triggered & displayed when a user shows intention to leave your website, an example of this popup is shown below:


As this popup is triggered when the user intends to leave the site, you will need to simulate this behaviour to see this popup in action. Visit this page & then move around the page & even click a few links. Now move your cursor towards the close button on your browser, this should trigger the popup.

Where do I edit this content?

Dashboard > Templates > Popups > Newsletter Signup

Notes about this content

  1. By default the form saves every submission to the WordPress database, which can be viewed & managed at Dashboard > Elementor > Submissions
  2. You can also connect the form to many external API’s, such as Mailchimp & Slack. For more information on how to do this, visit this link
  3. You can trigger this call to action on any button, by assigning the popup to the buttons’ Link attribute, as shown below.

Step 1.With your button selected, click the Dynamic Tags icon (see the red circle in image below) & select Popup under the the Actions section

Step 2. Next, configure the appropriate Settings i.e set your Action & then set your Popup.

Read more about popups

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