Hints & Tips

Here are some hints & tips to help you customise your Ellmo Theme.

1 Copy & Paste

Elementor has excellent copy & paste functionality. This means you can copy & paste blocks of content over different pages, this is a huge time-saver & should not be underestimated! To use this feature simply right-click on any content or section & select copy from the menu, as displayed below. Then go to the desired area of where you want to paste & right-click & select paste.

2 Elementor Finder

Did you know that elementor has an amazing search feature called Finder? This is a powerful search helps you find any content you are looking for. Using Finder saves you lots of time, as you dont have to keep switching between Elementor & the WordPress admin, which becomes tedious at times! To open Finder click CTRL+E (Windows) or CMD+E (Mac), as shown below.

3 Duplicate Pages

If you need to add a new page to the site, then to save time use the Duplicate Page plugin, that allows you to duplicate pages, this is again a huge time-saver when it comes to page creation.

How to use this?

  1. First Download & Activate Plugin.
  2. Go Select to Duplicate Page settings Menu from Settings Tab and savings settings.
  3. Then Create New Post/Page or Use old.
  4. After clicking on Duplicate This link, a duplicate post/ page will be created and saved as a draft, publish, pending, or private depending upon settings.


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