Installing the Theme

Once you have a clean installation of WordPress, you can install the Ellmo theme.

1 Installing the theme

Make sure you have purchased & downloaded the Ellmo theme from ThemeForest.

Go to Dashboard > Appearance > Themes > Add New

Then click the Upload Theme button and browse to the WordPress theme that you have downloaded from ThemeForest and click the Install Now.

2 Activating the theme & plugins

Once the theme is installed, you can activate it, using the Activate link that appears after the installation is complete. When you activate the theme, you will notice a message appear at the top of the screen, instructing you to install the required plugins that come with Ellmo. Please follow the instructions to install & activate all of the listed plugins. Remember dont forget to activate the required plugins!

3 Updating plugins

Once the plugins are activated, it’s a good idea to check if there are any updates for the plugins. To do this take a look at the Plugins menu & see if there is a numbered badge next to it, like this:  If there is, then this shows there are updates available. Simply click the Plugins link & update the available plugins.

What plugins are required?

Ellmo contains the following plugins that are required to provide core and additional functionality for the theme

  1. Elementor – Visual page builder, that Ellmo is built upon
  2. Pro Elements – provides pro elements under the GNU license
  3. Ellmo Core – provides custom core functionality for the theme
  4. Form Vibes – allows you to manages all of your form submissions
  5. One Click Demo Import – enables out demo content to be imported (this plugin can be removed once the demo content has been imported).

4 Importing the demo content

The final step in the installation process, is to import our demo content, To do this go to the Appearance menu and click the Import Demo Data link. Before clicking the Import Demo Data button.

*** Please ensure you have installed & activated all of the above plugins. Failure to do this will result in a failed import & you will have to reset your WordPress site & start over again. ***

Depending on your server the import should take around 30 seconds to complete & during the import you will see a progress indicator, like this

5 We are done, time to start editing!

Once this import is complete, you can now begin editing your content.

If you encounter any problems during the installation stage, please take a screenshot of the problem & email us at

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